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Pascal van Hentenryck

Hybrid Optimization: The Many Marriages of CP, MP, and SAT
Pr. Pascal van Hentenryck
University of Michigan (USA)

In recent years, novel hybridizations of constraint programming, mathematical programming, and satisfiability have emerged, primarily through novel frameworks building on top of column generation, Benders decomposition, and Lagrangian methods. This talk reviews some of the progress and opportunities in that space and their applications in scheduling and vehicle routing. 

 Sébastien Lannez

Xpress Mosel - Modern Ways of Developing Mathematical Optimization Applications
Dr. Sébastien Lannez

The modelling and solving environment Xpress Mosel has recently been turned into free software. Mosel integrates with a variety of other languages and  it has now also become possible to use alternative Mathematical Programming solvers from  within the Mosel language, in addition to the FICO Xpress Solvers. In this contribution  we show how other LP/MIP or NLP solvers can be connected to Mosel for use within  the Mosel language. We will also demonstrate how to call Python, R or Java code  from your Mosel application. We will conclude the talk with a presentation of the integrated development environment Xpress Workbench which allows model developers to deploy (and debug) optimization models as fully fledged web applications simply by adding some configurations.


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